Not sure how to get on the World Wide Web? This is still a great mystery to many people. There are simple steps that Hutcheson Web Services will help you with. Many of these steps are included in the Web Site Packages.
Domain Name Services
Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfers Registration of your domain name is the first step. The domain name is your address on the World Wide Web. Once registered, your domain name is yours for the registration period.
Hosting Services
Hosting Setup/Maintenance Once the domain name is registered, a Domain Hosting account is created to provide space on a World Wide Web computer (or web server) to store your web site content (or web pages). The Web Server is your businesses building on the World Wide Web. Once established, the Web server will answer the browser requests for your web pages for the period you select.
Web Site Services
Web Site Construction/Publication/Maintenance Once your hosting account is established, your web pages are 'published' to the web server. Publishing a web page is a simple process of transferring it to the web server and linking it to a published page. The first page shown, when your site is visited, is the Home page. A menu and/or links are used to get from one page to another.
Email Services
Email Account Purchase/Set-up/Maintenance Once your web site is communicating with the public, they must be able to communicate with you. This is normally done through email. Most web sites have two email accounts: a contact (Info) email address, for the public to contact your business for information and answers to their questions about your business; and webmaster email address, for the public to ask questions about the site or report problems encountered. Other email accounts are created as needed. Email addresses may also be forwarded to your current email accounts.