Following the domain name registration, a Domain Hosting account is created to provide space on a World Wide Web computer (or web server) to store your web site content (or web pages). The Web Server is your businesses building on the World Wide Web. Once established, the Web server will answer the browser requests for your web pages for the period you select.
Hosting Services
Web Site Package: The Web Site Package provides temporary hosting in Hutcheson Web Services test enviroment. Your test site will be hosted for the testing period. Once testing is concluded, your site is published under its domain name and, unless maintenance is desired, your test web site is saved and then removed from the testing environment. Once your domain name is loaded and ready for hosting, your web site will be moved to your domain name hosting area. The Web Site Package includes hosting for one year under your domain name.
Hosting with Hutcheson Web Services: Hutcheson Web services provides minimal web site hosting for its customers who wish to maintain their own web site. The current fee for hosting your site is $7.00 per month*. This fee also continues the services provided under the Web Site Package following the initial one year period. Changes to your web site, during this period, are handled under a web site maintenance contract.
Hosting Account Maintenance: Maintenance of your hosting account is billed at $30.00 per hour*. This would include creating sub-domains and hosted file backup. These are done only at the customers request. The restoration of your deleted test site would be another example.
Hosting with other Companies Hutcheson Web Services can setup a hosting account for your web site with other web hosting services. Setting up the hosting account, transferring your web site, transferring your domain name and setup your email accounts is billed at $30.00 per hour*.
* These costs may be locked in for an extended period through a web site maintenance contact. Otherwise the fees are subject to change.