Email accounts, using your businesses domain name, add a professional look and business authority to all emails sent from the accounts. Our account for example, has much more effect than (a free email service.)
Email Services
Web Site Package Email Accounts: Two email accounts are provided automatically as part of the Web Site Package. Information@yourDomain or Contact@yourDomain (10 MB) and yourName@yourDomain (50 MB) are standard with each package. The size of these email accounts may be adjusted to provide more space for additional email accounts below.
Additional Email Accounts with the Web Site Package: Beyond the first two email accounts, a service fee of $15.00* for the setup of each additional account to a total of 100 MB of space for all accounts.
Additional Email Accounts:
Personal Email Account: One email account address with 1 GB storage for the account. Each account is $1.25 per month*. Plus a one time $15.00* set up fee per account.
Deluxe Email Package: Five email account addresses with 2 GB storage for all accounts. Each deluxe package is $2.50 per month*. Plus a $15.00* set up fee per account.
Unlimited Email Package: Ten email account addresses with unlimited storage for all accounts**. Each unlimited package is $3.00 per month*. Plus a $15.00* set up fee per account.
* These costs may be locked in for an extended period through a web site maintenance contact. Other wise the fees are subject to change.
**Unlimited storage is limited by the amount of disk space on the web server hard disk.