Web Site Construction
The home page is the first page seen when your site is visited. The contact page has your company information and directions to your office. The services and/or product information page lets the customer know about your services/products. One to two supporting pages fill out the four or five pages for a normal starting web site. These pages must be construction to hold your content and use your styles.
Hutcheson Web Services provides this service bundled into Web Site Packages or pages may be added as necessary.
Web Site Publication
Your initial web site is created or maintained in the Hutcheson Web Services domain in the testing area. Once approved, it will be published (copied) to your domain hosting site.
Web Site Maintenance
Web Page Maintenance: Web page maintaince is changing, adding, and deleting web pages.
Hosting: Providing space on the World Wide Web and ensuing the web server is providing the web pages to the user.
Host Web Site Setup: Maintaining the connection between the Domain Name to the web server hosting area.