Domain Name Registraion Types offered by GoDaddy
How much is privacy worth to you?
Regular Registration: Your domain is registered under your name, so your information is made public in the WhoIs database. There are four parts to the Domain Name Registration; Registrant (Owner), Administrator, Technicial, and Billing. Hutcheson Web Services may act as the Administrator and Billing and will act as the Technicial Registrant.
Hutcheson Web services monitors your domain name status and renewal dates. You are notified of the necessary to renew your domain name, and your options, before expiration.
Private Registration: Protect yourself from spam, scams, and prying eyes. $9.99/yr** per domain
Your domain is registered under the name Domains By Proxy, so its information is made public - not yours. You retain full control of your domain. You're still accountable for your actions, if you try to use a private registration to transmit spam, violate the law or engage in morally objectionable activities.
Deluxe Registration: Drive traffic to your website without sacrificing privacy. $11.99/yr** per domain
Promote your business and protect your privacy!
There is a way to publish your business details without putting your personal information out there for spammers to collect. Deluxe Registration makes your business details instantly available on the WhoIs database, increasing traffic to your website. Your personal information - name, phone number, email address - remains hidden.
•   Get more hits, visitors, and sales on your website with Deluxe Registration. It's your complete online listing - including your website, phone number and more - and is instantly available to everyone who searches for your domain name in the WhoIs database. Best of all, your personal information stays private.
•   List all of your company's vital information right on the front page, including physical address, phone and fax numbers, hours of operation, and a personalized description of your business - there are even links to your website and a map to your business.
•   Deluxe Registration also provides traffic stats and rankings, domain name auction and appraisal information, and a screen shot of your website.
As a special bonus, Deluxe Registration includes both Private and Business Registration to keep your personal information hidden while publishing your business info in the WhoIs database!
Business Registration: Get more hits, visits, and sales on your Web site. $4.99/yr** per domain
Affordable advertising for your business.
Increase traffic and make your Web site visible on the MILLIONS of daily searches at both GoDaddy and other registrars with Business Registration. It's your complete online listing and it's instantly visible to everyone who searches for your domain name in our WhoIs database.
•   FREE Online Business Card website presents your business name, logo, up to four links, phone number, address, operating hours, directions to your store - you can even add photos!
•   Help visitors find your place of business with a detailed online map.
•   Give potential customers a special message or offer! Use the description field to add your comments, display business awards or offer coupons.
•   Includes 5-star user rating system as well as customer reviews.
Protected Registration: Keep your domain private, locked, and secure! $32.97/yr** per domain
Don't let this happen to you!
Let's say your credit card expires and you forget to update your account with the new one. Or you change your email address. Or maybe you just forget to renew your domain. In the blink of an eye, a social engineer or someone close to you could transfer your domain name away without your permission.
When the domain name goes, your website, email account - everything - goes with it!**
But there is something you can do to protect yourself: Apply Protected Registration to your most important domain names.** Should your registration expire for any reason, protected domains will be safe for up to 12 months. No one else can step in and steal them away from you.
Protected Registration is packed with the safeguards and security you need:
•   Expiration Protection avoids loss of domain ownership due to credit card expiration, failed billing, outdated contact information – even simple forgetfulness!
•   Deadbolt Transfer Protection makes it impossible for MOST transfers to occur - whether inadvertent, accidental or malicious.
As a special bonus, Protected Registration includes both Private and Business Registration to keep your personal information hidden while publishing your business info in the WhoIs database!
** Plus domain registration fee. Private/Deluxe/Business/Protected Registations are not available for US, CA, COM.AU, NET.AU, ORG.AU, AG, COM.AG, NET.AG, ORG.AG, AM, ASIA, AT, BE, COM.BR, NET.BR, DE, ES, COM.ES, NOM.ES, ORG.ES, EU, FM, FR, GS, IN, CO.IN, FIRM.IN, GEN.IN, IND.IN, NET.IN, ORG.IN, IT, JOBS, JP, MS, CO.NZ, NET.NZ, ORG.NZ, SE, TK, TW, COM.TW, IDV.TW, ORG.TW, CO.UK, ME.UK, ORG.UK, PH, COM.PH, NET.PH and ORG.PH